Miche Shell Basic Care

Thank you for your Miche purchase! 

Please read completely before using and storing your shells. Protect your investment.

1.The original concept of the Miche Bag was inspired by a spill. If your bag ever needs a facelift or is no longer up to par, you can replace your shell with ease. The Miche Bag was created so that consumers could not only change the look of their bag, but could also switch out their shell if it became dirty. We realize that not all spills require the purchase of a new shell, so if your shell becomes slightly soiled, you may wipe the bag or shell with a damp cloth. Scotchgard fabric protector will also assist in keeping fabric shells clean. The exterior of the base bag is made of a silk/polyester blend. The shell material varies depending on the style, but can be: faux leather, faux crocodile skin, faux cheetah fur, regular nylon, textured nylon, canvas, or cotton. All of our products are made of 100% man-made materials and are completely animal friendly.

2. When applying a shell, make sure all edges are lined up properly and all magnets make contact.

3. When removing a shell from a base bag, pull the shell off from the center of the shell, not from the corners. Pulling the shell off from the corners will cause them to curl and bend and will prevent the shell from attaching correctly to the bag, and then your shell may not stay on.

4. When storing your new shells you will want to fold them over once (as they were in the original packaging, with Miche plate logo and feet showing, and the other end of shell folded under). Do not fold them in thirds as this will cause the material to ripple and stretch and will create a gap at the bottom edge of the base.

5. You will want to alternate the direction of the metal feet when stacking your shells to avoid any indentations on the adjacent shell. The metal feet on one shell should touch the inside of the adjacent shell.

6. When storing your new shells on a shelf or in the closet organizer, store them like a book, so the sides don’t sag over.

7. Some Miche shells are made with a material called PU. One of the characteristics of this material is the potential to transfer color from one shell to another. Simply store each shell in the plastic bag the shell arrived in when stacking or storing. Or you will want to place a protective barrier such as fabric or the plastic bag the shell arrived in, in between all shells when stacking or storing, whether on a shelf or in the closet organizer. Ziploc brand bags in 2 and 3 gallon size also work well for storing. These shells can also be affected by heat and humidity so make sure that you store them at room temperature. Avoid leaving your handbag on leather or vinyl seats, or on your leather or vinyl car seats during a hot afternoon.

8. The Miche Bag is designed to expand. However, if you find the sides of your bag are losing shape, you are overstuffing your bag.

9. Avoid hanging your purse from the handles (ex.: from a doorknob, etc.). Always place the base of your purse on a flat surface, with all of the weight bearing on the purse bottom and not on the handles.

10. If using the Urban Bag Shell, make sure the handles you choose are attached at the proper points. These are: the two loops at the bottom of the shell, to the two loops on the top of the shell on the opposite side of the shell.

11. The magnets are permanent and are called “earth magnets”; while this is great for holding the shell in place, it carries the benefit of being absolutely harmless to credit cards, iPod’s, cell phones, and other similar electronic devices.

Return Policy : Within 30 days from original purchase date. Full refund, less shipping, or an exchange, less shipping, that is in its original packaging and is resalable, as determined by Miche Bag. Manufacturing Defects: Within 90 days of purchase. Please note that normal wear-and-tear does not constitute a manufacturing defect. Please contact your representative for complete return instructions before returning any item.

-Distributor makes the decision on whether to accept the return
-Original receipt is required for all returns and exchanges
-Original packaging is required for all returns and exchanges
-Product and original packaging needs to be in new, unused, resalable condition

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